Smoke in the North influence

The Smoke in the North influence.

The Influence of Smoke in the North is just the first 50% of the Scandinavian influence on the EBCC Rankings this year.
There is a new Competition right around the corner, waiting to shake up de rankings again, the Oslofjord BBQ Challenge.

We assume that quit some teams will travel from Sweden to Norway and do the two contests in one trip.
This gives them two contests where they can better their scores and climb up in the Rankings.

Oslofjord BBQ Challenge is the fourth contest in the north of Europe and gives the northern BBQ teams the opportunity to compete in the European BBQ Championship, even if they don’t have the budget, the time or the will to travel far and long and therefor miss one.
Together with,BBQ by the SeaBBQ An Der Burg and Smoke in the North is Oslofjord BBQ Challenge the fourth contest in the north of Europe.

For now,
Overall Sponsor B Side EBCC '16_2we have to go down all the way to the 16th place to find a shift in the rankings.
Byron had a great cook up there in the North and took GC as with a score good to go from the 20th place overall to the 16th place.
It is tide up there in the rankings, the number two and three are just 0.2 points from each other.

In the chicken rankings the first change is at place thirteen, and also caused by

In the ranking of the ribs isn’t it any different, the first change is from a giant step up the ladder for PureBBQ, going from place Forty one to twenty six.
WHITE SQUIRREL BBQ knows to keep there twenty-seventh place with their score improvement in Sweden but the Turnpike Smokers decent two places by the achievement of PureBBQ.

Pork, In Pork, W
HITE SQUIRREL BBQ is the team that benefit the most of the Northern competition, going from place thirty one up to place twenty two.

In Brisket the number one and two just have 0.5 8 in between them, the Number two is in the North but didn’t improve their scores, so nothing lost for the number one.
So far, we don’t know who will attend Oslofjord BBQ Challenge next weekend, and how will they score there?
Overall we can conclude that the First Scandinavian contest this year didn’t effect the top 10 of the European Championship, but what will the second contest do?

We keep you posted.