Points & Rules

A Contest counts when it is a Regular KCBS Sanctioned contest.


What does an organizer have to do to get his competition counting?

The Contest needs to be KCBS Sanctioned.

This is something the organizer has to arrange with KCBS office/international board of managers.
The organizer will send in his application for the contest and pay the KCBS fee for the contest.
Sometimes a contest has to be licensed* first, a licensed contest will not count for the EBCC.

 * A licensed contest is a kind of test run for the organizer, this contest will not count because the scores won’t be shown on the KCBS site, which means that nobody can check them.


The contest need geographically be held in Europe.

This is something that speaks for it self, I think.
We are looking for the best European BBQ Team and want to promote KCBS BBQ in Europe.
The Map of Europe set the boundaries.

Off course is KCBS also growing in other parts of the world, outside of the States.
These contests will not count for the EBCC.

A Team from outside Europe is very welcome at any of the contests off course but cannot become an EBCC winner.
The Team has to be living in Europe, so they have the same practice/contest opportunities as all the other European teams.

Maybe, one day, we have to recognize the best Team not living in Europe, we are more than willing to do that but that day isn’t here yet!


The Grand Champion comes over the 4 main KCBS categories.


Invitational contests.