BBQ Heroes

Receivers of the "Medal of support" for Barbecue

“the Medal for BBQ support”

Here we honor the people which received “the medal for BBQ support” for taking that extra step in the name of BBQ.
This can be sticking out their neck for something,
Being a great ambassador or just be there when needed.

Awarded by M & M van Galen.



 1 Filip  v. Eeckhout (The Antwerp Smokers)
Filip and his team/family put down a great CBJ Class.
As precise as Filip is, he managed to present the 4 category meats close to contest quality.
Everything was well organised and so was the contest they organised a good month later!
Well Done!

2 Osdorp Grillers (Gertjan Kiers)

The Osdorp Grillers are like a pop-up bar on the competition field.
Everybody is welcome for a glass and a bite.
The music fill up the field but Quiet time is always respected!

Some teams want to stand beside them, others like to cross the field to visit.
For us its great to see the companionship among the teams brought together at one table!

Thank you!

3 The Family Meeuws-Leenknegt

When KCBS pushed thru a rule regarding extra judging tables the evening before the contest,
there were already to much Judges.
When we informed the judges, this family which already had seats, stood up and gave up there places
for other Judges to take their place.

The result of this table rule is that we didn’t have enough judges for a contest in April.
The organizer contacted the family and there they were, stepping in!

We were and still are deeply touched by these actions!


 1 Kim Meetjesland

Kim & Bart, together with FiveQ and the volunteers did put down a fab contest with eye for detail.
To be honest, we were afraid they took on a little to much for a first competition, but they pulled it off!
Great job!

 2 Frank Eigner

Frank is a dedicated Judge and help.
He is always there to help in any way needed. He even shows up at a class unannounced just for the fun of helping out!
Heads off to you Frank and thank you!

 3 Riverland Smokers

After 3 years of preparation this contest finally saw the light!
A great venue and a highly driven team to do right for the teams, judges and the public.
That is what they did, well done!


 1 Richard Herebout

Richard, Irene, Ad, and a whole team of volunteers put down a first contest that didn’t feel like a first!
Great atmosphere and no task was to big, if something was needed they arranged it. Build it if needed!


 1 Leo & Desiree Freeke

Leo & Desiree are well known people in the European BBQ community.
They compete and are devoted Master Judges and Table Captains.

At one moment they decided to help other BBQ enthousiasts and upcoming “master”judges.

Making an idea reality and Tripple T was a fact, A Low & Slow Competition BBQ training team was born!
An easy way to get a taste of competition BBQ.
The best way to get your cooking experience to become a Maser judge!

2 Birger Allary (Grill Academy Ruislé)

Birger Allary, a BBQ Celebrity in Belgium and surrounding countries.
Pitmaster of a BBQ competition Team and now with G.A.R. he also did setup a Competition BBQ training team,
after the format of Tripple T.

G.A.R. and Friends also  organised a very well hosted  KCBS CBJ/CTC class,
which provide Belgium with more then 30 very enthusiastic judges and 12 new Table Captains.


 1 Hans De Leenheer (Smokey The Boar)

Hans A.K.A. Smokey The Boar is well known on the BBQ Battlefield.
Not only as a devoted Pitmaster, but Hans always prepair a Midnight snack for everyone who comes by.
This always results in a great gathering at the cooking area of Smokey The Boar.

This also helps new team to get introduced into the great BBQ family.


 1 Marjolein VDC & Jouri Cools

Marjolein, Jouri and crew presented a well organized contest in Belgium.
The Springbreak BBQ Contest in Lommel Belgium was the first they organized.
The 39 teams were no problem voor these people pleasers, they only wanted one thing,
to serve the teams, judges and visitors and give them full attention so they would have a great Contest weekend.
Well, they succeeded!

2 David Burstein

David organized this year a Beer and BBQ trip to Europe.
Made it easy for Beer loving judges to experience European BBQ at 3 contests.
We were honored with there presents at these contests and the judges had a great time.

 3 Petra Rebenstorf

Petra is well known as a Judge, Table Captain and not afraid to make a few miles in the name of BBQ.
Always prepared to help, Reps, Organizers, Teams and fellow BBQ lovers.
2018 is the year she became a KCBS contest Rep in training and has proven to be a natural.
It’s a breeze to work with her.

4 Mutter & Vater Schellartz

It was great to feel this fantastic vibe at the 4th edition of the EUregio BBQ festival, again.
Without specials, this family makes this contest such a feel good place to be.
Four year ago they set a new standard with the Family breakfast.
We thank them for their undivided support of the BBQ family.


 1 Bart Beeckmans

Bart and his crew from Wettles on Fire organized a Judge class and the first Eastern BBQ Contest in Belgium.
He did try to keep it small for the first edition but it grow all out of hand.
They had a monster class and a contest of 42 teams.
Still all organized exceptionally well!

2 Nicola Chandler / Dingley Dell
(Direct Meats)

We did hear a lot of good things about this meat supplier from the U.K.
At the contest Brew ‘n’ Q we could experience it first hand.
A great quality of pork the presented at the contest by enthusiastic fun people with a BBQ heart.

3 & 4 Thomas Fröhlich & Peter Bootsma

These two pit masters of the first hour made a big effort to make from Back Yard Grillers two Competition BBQ teams.
Those people that had no idea what was waiting for them, and still they managed to get them as focused as any other team.

We have seen them, focused, driven by the passion that those two pit masters with their teams managed to infect them with.
Their goal was to not end up dead last at the Tony Stone BBQ competition in the Netherlands.

They did pretty well.

Find them in the rankings, the team names they used are, (Peters Team name) LetzQ & Flaming Pig (The team name of Thomas team)

Ranking TS ’17

5 Jason Soesman

Jason stepped up the plate when the organizer was almost drowning in work.
The organizer was not sure if the contest could go on if Jason didn’t pick up so much work.

6 Remko Winkelaar & René Ausema

We really are proud of these two people who whitout hesitation helped a fellow BBQer.
They applied first aid till the ambulance arrived.

Heads off for these guy’s.

7 Marianne & Mayco van Galen

It feels a bit strange to add your own names to this list.
But we appreciate the gesture of giving back his medal to us for our support of BBQ very much.
Thank you Dave Heyninck, I think you know it means a lot to us!


 1 Simona Manuali

This was the third time for the IBC to have a KCBS contest at the Piacere Barbecue and for the third time Simona pulled all stops to accommodate the people involved in her own time.

Beside this she will help everybody if she can, organizer, teams judges and judge or table captain herself.

2 Stephan Mehrer

Stephan is our first Dutch Master Judge (the first European in Europe living MCBJ), so this means that he was at almost every contest in Europe and even went to the United States to get the autographs for his CBJ Book.

But next to being always out there on the field, he is always prepared to help out the Organizer, the Contest Reps or the Teams when he can.

3 Nico van Luxemburg

We know Nico as a great guy with a big BBQ Heart.
Always working hard to make it work for organizers, BBQ Teams or whoever can use his help.
He does this sinds the first Low and Slow sparks were flying through the air in Europe.

Besides that he is a loyal CBJ and CTC prepared to do whatever needs to be done, and that is highly appreciated.

4 Pam Hess

We were in the fortunate position to go to “the Jack” this year and meet al lot of new and old friends.
One of them is Pam, she is the one who keep the International teams up to date and answers there questions.

Even if the Jack is near, she always have a swift reply.


1 Serial Grillaz
Huddy Lee Stokes and his team are always in the front row, when someone needs help or something needs to be done.
At Beer, Fries and BBQ, they were again one of the volunteers to prepare the meat for the needy people of Hasselt.

This caught our attention and we think “Good spirit” is as valuable for BBQ as a good contest.

2 Dimitri Zetzsche
Organizer of Beer, Fries and BBQ, together with Wim Bloemen.

The first edition was a very nice contest, but this one was bigger but did feel smaller.
So well organized, that they even had some time to enjoy it themselves.

3 Wendy van den Eijnden (and family)
Organizer of Vuur en Vlees.

This was there first KCBS contest they did organize and they did a great job.
They served the whole package, everybody loved it.

4 Jaap Brouwer
Organizer of Delfts Beer and BBQ fest.

The first edition was a very nice contest.
Jaap is a CBJ and organized this contest for the growth in Europe.
All Passion and love for BBQ.

5 Roman Schellartz
Organizer of EUregio, the second edition.
We were happy to be the Reps on this very cosy contest.
The whole Family helps out and they all work so hard to accommodate everybody.

This works really well, and Roman, also a hardcore CBJ knows how important practice is.
He was willing to let us work the contest with a new set of Reps in training.

6 Daan Hamoen
Organizer of RegahFest.

A great urban contest that really need a steady organization because of the venue.
Everything was under controle and there were a lot of extras like Live music and Burgers for the Teams.

7 Astrid Lodewijks
Organizer of Farm Meat “Vaartse Hoeve”.

This was a first edition and what a grand opening.
There was a party night for the teams and public with a live Zydeco Band and BBQ/grill snacks.
They had a well organized machine providing everybody with what they need.

8 Dave Heyninck
Organizer of BBQ Kampioenschap van het Waasland.

This was also a first time contest, in the middle of Sint Niklaas, Belgium.
The biggest square in Belgium.
Side by side with a Culinary style BBQ contest.
The public had a great time and so did the Teams and the Judges.


1 Melvin
Meadow creek EBCC Sponsor New Holland US
For supporting the EBCC as one of the first sponsors.

2 Nancy&Don Muller
REPs Staten Island NY NYC BBQ Cookoff US
For having us at this great contest and teaching us some.

3 Byron Chism
Judge Beer,Fries & BBQ Hasselt BE
For the many time he did come over and his heart for the international teams.

4 Wim Bloemen
Organiser Beer,Fries & BBQ Hasselt BE
For an great first time organization of Classes and a Competition

5 Steve Bedwell
Judge Q on the Canal 2 Snarestone UK
For making the miles to this competition and the many before this one.

6 Jeri & Jerry Luke
Judges Q on the Canal 2 Snarestone UK
For Making the extra miles to this competition and helping out.

7 Adie Platts
Organizer Q on the Canal 2 Snarestone UK
For a great organization and a big BBQ heart.

8 Patricia Krafzig
Judge Tony Stone NL
For being at almost all the contests in Europe.

9 Harry Havinga
Organizer TonyStone NL
For trusting us in taking over this mother of BBQ competitions from the IOTeam, and a great Organization.

10 Herbert Svolacchia
Initiator of the IBC Perugia IT
For having us on the most complete BBQ Event we ever experienced.

11 Luca Famigli
Judge CTC, EBCC designer Smoke in the North SE
For Judging on many contests and all the work you do for the EBCC.

12 Jenny & Thomas
Organizer Smoke in the North SE
For Organizing a great contest and facilitating so many teams in the season.

13 Nisse Persson
Sponsor on several contests Looftlighter
For supporting BBQ where ever he can, and a big helping hand on Smoking in the North.

14 Don en Debby Harwell
REPs Ruhrpott DE
For working with us on the Ruhrpott competition.

15 Tom Hermann
Organizer Ruhrpott DE
For pulling off the biggest Contest outside of the US.

16 Debbie Christian
Organizer The Jack
For having us at The Jack.

17 Andy Williams
Judge The Jack
For Judging almost every EU competition and mediate in the UK BBQ scene.


1  Frits de jonge
Organizer BBQ Society Cook-off Nootdorp NL
For an outstanding organization and eye for appreciation of the judges.
2 Robert Pace
from UK Judge Nootdorp NL
For making the extra miles and helping out.
3 Carolyn Wells
REP The JackUS
For taking us under her wings at The Jack, completing our REP training, and of course being the Co-Founder of KCBS.
4 Miss Marge Plummer
CTC The JackUS First Lady of The Jack.
6 Jim & Becky Johnson
For Supporting KCBS in Europe.
7 Karen & Ralph Williams
REPs  Harrison Arkansas Cookin’ on the Creek. US
For an excellent REP training on there contest, and taking us under there wings.
8 Debby & Bill Gage
For Supporting KCBS in Europe.
9 Wayne & Maria Lohman
For Supporting KCBS in Europe.
10 Kevin Legge
Judge WFC US
For a great BBQ time in Vegas and introducing us by some of the teams.