EBCC Awards

EBCC Awards,
Everybody is welcome to organize the Awards als long as the needs for the Awards will be met.
Do you have the time, the place and the energy to organise this, please send us an Email so we can work out the details.

The EBCC season ends at the last Competition of the ongoing year, the Awards will be held in January or Februari the following year.
The EBCC champions will be honored at the EBCC Awards, we will announce the date and place on this website .
This is a European party so it can be held all over Europe.   (in consultation with the EBCC)

We are happy to announce the First Annual EBCC Awards.

This is made possible by Hotel/Restaurant “La Sonnerie”

They were able to offer a selection of packages to cover most of the needs of our guests.
If there are extra wishes or other needs, please contact the hotel and ask for the possibilities.

For the guests staying in the Hotel, and coming by train or airplane there is a shuttle service.

We are very glad with the opportunity to have our party at this location.
All the facilities are there, a great atmosphere, a space for our sponsors to show there merchandise if they want to and they are familiar with BBQ at the location.
For the guests coming from further away there are possibilities to stay the night.

All this for a fair price.

Check the Packages in the Download area and find the package that suits you best.
We hope to see you at the party and who knows on the podium.