St. Louis style Ribs

St. Louis style Ribs are a cut of pork used more and more on the low and slow competition sites in Europe.

The European butchers divide a whole pig in a different way then in the USA.
Therefore we are happy with this step by step photoshoot.

A lot of teams bring a whole pork belly and trim it back to the ribs they want.
Do not leave to much meat on the ribs because Country style Ribs are not allowed in a KCBS contest.
When you trim a PorkBelly back to just the ribs and you aren’t sure about the legality of your created ribs then ask the Reps of the contest to take a look at them up front.
Don’t wait till your ribs hit the Judging table and a Judge ask that question.

Traditional butchers are willing to help you, but you have to tell the Butcher what you need and that isn’t always an easy task.

These pictures from UK BBQmag can help you with that, besides that it’s a great Magazine to read.

St. Luois style Cut Ribs 2016-08Source:

UK BBQ mag
website: ukbbqmag
Twitter: @ukbbqmag
Editer: Marcus Bawdon