Remarkable BBQ Weekend

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Last weekend was truly a Remarkable BBQ Weekend.

We had the choice out of two contests, one was in Italy and the other one was in the Netherlands.
Both had a respectable amount of teams that even by American standards would make them qualifiers for the Jack Daniels Invitational world BBQ Championship in Tennessee and for the American Royal in Kansas City.

In total there were 53 teams competing this weekend, and that are a lot of judges and volunteers also present at these contest.
All working together and making it happen.

There were two pins presented to the teams, both in the Netherlands.
One was the 180 Circle pin, for Chefs Choice, for an entry that was rewarded with a perfect-perfect score.
This means that all the six judges only gave nines in every criteria, and this wasn’t the first time they received this score for this entry.
So it is safe to assume that this is a real treat for your taste butts.

The other pin is even more special.
A team will only receive this pin when they have a total score of 700+ .
Since the low and slow BBQ competitions started in Europe, there are only three team which managed to score that high.
In over fifty contest this weekend was the third team rewarded with this special pin.

700BBQ team iQ managed to get a score from the judges that is the highest score ever in Europe.
iQ’s score overall is 707.4516
We were proud to be there, this was such a great moment.

This clearly means that competition BBQ is getting mature every contest.
We have great performing teams, dedicated judges who take their task very serious and organizers who give them all the chance to measure up and do their thing.
And maybe most important, Have a good time.

We know we have top teams is Europe.
Do we have great judges in Europe?  We most certainly do!


Thank you all.
Hope to see you’ll soon.

M & M van Galen.


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