Rankings after the RegahFest

Rankings after the RegahFest


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Vuur en RookThe RegahFest BBQ Festival is truly what the name suggest, a Festival.Great Bands, Fantastic food not only from the BBQ but also from a variety of Food trucks.Not only unique because of the venue, because this is a pure urban contest.But also by how it is set up, like a real Food and Music festival.
BBQ Gourmet Logo 1 (1500x288)

The De Rokende Règâhs made a massif step up with adding the Food trucks and the attractions for fun.


A well organized party, thank you Daan Hamoen, David en all the others who made this happen.
Here in the link to the European ITOY points and of course to the EBCC Rankings.

Take a look what RegahFest dit with your (favorite) team Rankings.newbuttrub logo 180








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