M, S & B at Lakeside Moebisch

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Meat, Smoke & Beer Festival-Barbecue at the Lakeside Moebisch

Morbisch, Austria
June 2 – 3, 2018

One more Highlight in the Austrian BBQ Competition Series is our „KCBS Competition at the Lakeside 2018“ in June.

BBQ Summer Games in Mörbisch at the Lake Neusiedl,which is well-known for its famous „Mörbischer Seefestspiele“ and the Wine Festivals. Lake Neusiedl is the largest Steppe Lake in Middle-Europe and the whole region is one of the most famous Wine areas in Europe.

This event will take place together with the famous „Lake Festival“ in Mörbisch – and if the Competition is getting too hot, just jump in the Lake!



Contact Information:
Armin Oberndorfer
Phone: +43-664-822 33 000

Added: Apr 3, 2018