European BBQ Championship Ranking after 15 counting contests.

European BBQ Championship Ranking after 15 counting contests.

Halfway 2016 we have had 15 counting BBQ contests and quit some movement in the rankings.
Some teams enter the top ten right after getting the points for there third contest and others drop out of the top ten because they can’t better their scores.

No worries yet, there is still a long way to go and anything can happen.

In Chicken BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands keep the lead for quit some time now, nobody seems to know how to equal the scores they did.
The Vliegende Hollander in second place.

A big step was made by Allseasoned BBQ Team, from a ninth place up to the forth place this then cost of Bunch of Swines and Miss Piggy’s

Bunch of Swines are still in the lead by the Pork Ribs.
The second place was in the hands of BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands but Miss Piggy’s found a way to take this place from them.
GrillKunst from Austria takes third place at this moment.

Pork Shoulder, here also is Bunch of Swines leading, with BBQ+ on the second place and iQ in third.
This is like this now for quit some time, who will break this leading trio.

The forth place is for, this is a not European team and so all team under the forth place will move up one place which makes Smoke’n’Fire BBQ Team the European number four for now.

In Brisket has De Vliegende Hollander taken the lead with a head start of six points which are apparently not easy to overcome.
The second, third and forth place are also steady in the hands of Smoke’n’Fire BBQ Team, iQ and Miss Piggy’s.
The Filous and BBQ Wiesel are right behind them.

This means that in the Overall Rankings, Miss piggy’s trade places with BBQ+ for third and forth place.
De vliegende Hollander and iQ are trading places for places five and six.

All together there is a lot going on and the race is not done yet.


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