Oslofjord BBQ Challenge


Oslofjord BBQ Challenge, the First edition is over and the points distributed among the teams.

the First team that benefits is BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands, they expand their lead on the number three with almost a whole point.
This doen’t seems much but to better yourself with almost a whole point is harder then you think.

The Northern judges seem to like the flavor profile of Buttrub.com because Byron climbs from the sixteenth place to the eleventh place.
Flaming Pig BBQ is also climbing the rankings.

The first change is LetzQ changing places with ButtRub.com

Grillkunst is still comfortably in the lead.
The first teams that causes changes are Grilligion and the GC of this event Viking BBQ, both entering their third contest scores and directly mixing with the big guns.
Buttrub.com gains eighteen places in the Ribs rankings.

Flaming Pig BBQ brings the first wrinkles in this categorie.

Where Miss Piggy’s competed in both Scandinavian contests and De Vliegende Hollander didn’t, was it impossible for Miss Piggy’s to overtake De Vliegende Hollander in this Category.
The lead of De Vliegende Hollander is just 0.68 points.
What I mentioned earlier, better yourself with a whole point is more difficult then it seems.

A team that did improve there scores in this category are the Rokende Regahs, the jump from place twenty three to place twelve.
They do this with an improvement of almost ten points!


Of course there is more, you can find it all in the European BBQ Championship Rankings.


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