KCBS In(ternational) Europe

KCBS International Europe.

For those who are not (yet) a member of the KCBS and therefore not receive the Bullsheet, this piece from the Bullsheet about the history of KCBS International.

After every contest where we made new friends and meet old friends, we bless the day that Harry pulled us into the Low and Slow BBQ World.

At the same time we think back about the time our friends form the KCBS IOteam (international outreach team), Maria and Wayne Lowman, Debby and Bill Gage and last but certainly not least Becky and Jim Johnson put there trust in us and introduced us in the Family called KCBS.

After the establishment of the official KCBS international wing
The IOTeam became also the IBoM (International Board of Managers) 

We still enjoy it every time we meet all the teams, judges and organizers and of course  the public, that is nearly almost as surprised as we were the first time that the KCBS Low and Slow BBQ competition doors opened.

Enjoy, and if you decide that you want to join this BBQ Family, just go to the KCBS website.


M & M van Galen.

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