Italian Hardcore Barbcue

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Reserve Champion: FOUR STAR BBQ


Italian Hardcore Barbcue
Anzola dell’Emilia, Italy
May 27 – 28, 2017


Italian Hardcore barbecue – IHB is the first competition organized by GRIGLIARE DURO sanctioned by KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society. It started from the desire to share the cooking techniques with expert teams and amateurs. It’s a context of celebration and joy, where ember is the core and all around there will be music, lot of beer, old friends and nice people to know !!!

IHB is a contest dedicated to all “American Barbecue Low & Slow” lovers and will be hosted in Beer’n Grill, the first Italian barbecue gourmet festival.

During the 2 days of competition, BBQ Teams from worldwide, compete to reach the perfect cooking according to the classic American recipes, challenging in the 4 traditional and official KCBS categories: chicken, ribs, pork and brisket. and 1 Ancillary Categorie : Chef’s Choice.

All courses presented by the Teams will be tasted and judged by a Jury of international experts certified by KCBS, who will assess the entries according to specific KCBS criteria: “appearance, taste and tenderness”.

L’Italian Hardcore Barbecue – IHB 2017 will take place on 27 – 28 May 2017 in Anzola dell’Emilia.

The participation is subordinated to the acceptance of the IBC 2017 Official Rules edited in accordance with the KCBS 2017 Official Rules and Regulations and to the payment of the registration fee:

REGISTRATION FEE ‐ TEAM ‐ IHB 2017: € 250,00 per Team

The registration becomes effective only after the organization receives notice of the payment.

The ITALIAN BARBECUE CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 MONEY PRIZE is € 1.300,00 divided in:



Teams classified from 1st to 8th position of the overall ranking and of each Standard and Ancillary categories will be awarded with the Official IHB 2017 Trofy


Contact Information:
Andrea Centanni
Anzola dell’Emilia, Italy, 20015
Phone: 0039 3482144910




Added: Mar 17, 2017