EUregio BBQ Festival

EUregio BBQ Festival







EUregio had it all.
Heavy clouds, sunshine and even some rain but above all a big crowd enjoying great BBQ.
They know, this is the one chance in a year you can get the best of the best BBQ in Waldfeucht-Haaren.
Then you have to wait till next year, when the EUregio BBQ Festival circus is coming back.

This was the third edition and we can only hope there will be more in the future.
Because Roman Schellartz can be really proud looking back on his contest.
Always supported by his Mother and Father make it a kind of homecoming event.

Did EUregio make a difference in the European Championship Rankings?

Oh Yeah!

Lets say, improve your highest scores with 5 points was sometimes not even enough to keep your current place.
For example Southern Dutch BBQ, 5th overall at the EUregio improved their overall points with 5 points and still lost a place.
De Filous also improved there scores with 5 points and managed to keep their current ranking.

When 5 points isn’t nothing, there were also Dragon steps made
This team gained 8 places by improving their scores with 32 points!
Dragon BBQ went from a 41st place to place 33.

Viking BBQ, you probably remember this name from the Scandinavian contests…… these guys have seen the fire burning!
They found a way to improve their scores with 12 points and gained 2 places in the Rankings.

An improvement of 11 points helps iQ 2 places up in the Overall Rankings.

Some other teams that improved there score are,
White Squirrel bbq, BBQ+, Grillkunst, Bunch of Swines and BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands.

These improvements came fort from the category scores.
Because the overall rankings are the result of the sum of the category totals, so you can guess what happend in the Category Rankings.

Check it out!


Spoiler alert, We have a new Overall Leader!


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