Curly green kale

One of the biggest changes to the KCBS Rules for 2016 was the allowance of curly green kale as an acceptable garnish.

What’s the advantage of using Kale?
Kale is pretty with dark green color and curly edges.
Kale lasts longer refrigerated than either parsley or green leaf lettuce, which means a cook doesn’t have to necessarily buy fresh garnish for every contest.
Some cooks describe kale as cheaper to use than parsley and green leaf lettuce.
It’s fast to build an attractive box of greens for meat turn in!

On the judging side, kale doesn’t stick to the meat like parsley. Sticky parsley may even be a avor that attaches itself to the meat turned in on a parsley box.

Are there any disadvantages to using Kale?
Perhaps a smell issue, but this is not con rmed and several tests have not produced any noticeable off odor.
Kale does have an odor when cooked, it’s in the cabbage family of plants.
But will hot meat in a turn in box cause kale to cook? And would this smell affect the taste of the meat?

There may be other disallowed greenery in the bag.
Do not buy any variety of kale other than curly green kale!
(and there are other varieties out there).

Kale may not be steamed or cooked or dried and used as a garnish. As with the other approved garnish, it must be fresh.