Awards on the move

Teams that could not join us at the Night of BBQ Champions.

We can imagine that you want to show your sponsors and the BBQ world what you accomplished this year.

Even if you were not able to attend the “Night of BBQ Champions”.

Therefore we have 2 options to obtain your winnings.

One: Ask someone who does attend the Night of BBQ Champions to collect your winnings.

Two: when the first option isn’t an option, the trophies can be send to you. (see shipping cost below)

For the places 1,2 and 3 we have to send a package, places 4 and 10 will be send in an envelope.

Shipping costs,
1 package send within NL         €  10,79
1 Envelope send within NL        €   4,80
1 package send outside NL        € 24,79
1 Envelope send outsideNL        €   5,80

Find out if you will receive a package or an envelope. 
You can use the Paypal account info@EBCC-Cup.EU to send the required shipping costs.
(Be aware to pay without cost)

Hope this helps, and see you soon!

The EBCC crew
Marianne & Mayco van Galen.

Sadly enough we are not allowed to handover any awards at the following KCBS contests.


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